История английского политика Бернарда Шоу

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  1. jogral
    jogral 3 дек 2018
    тут Михайлов перевёл некоторые фрагменты шоувского спича 1933года в Метрополитен (о котором идёт речь в 4й лекции ДЕГа),

    там же и ссылка на оригинальный текст

    In my young days we were all mortally afraid of Russia. We talked about the Will of Peter the Great. Mr. Rudyard Kipling made his reputation as a patriotic laureate by denouncing the great White Bear, the power that meant to get its claws on India as a prelude to getting its claws on all Asia and dominating the whole world. I ask the mischievously foolish short-sighted gentlemen who write in the American newspapers denouncing Russia, telling every sort of silly lie about Russia, pretending that Russian Communism is bankrupt and the people starving, what they think they are doing? Do they want the tsardom back again? Tsar or no Tsar, do they want to start a Russian capitalist régime to compete with our own capitalists for our markets? Do they want to dig up the White Bear from his Communist grave and resuscitate him with all his claws sharpened tenfold?

    What would be the effect if they succeeded? [Pg 54]Suppose you sweep out Mr. Stalin as the monarchical Allies swept out Napoleon in 1815, and replace him by a dynastic Grand Duke and a government of old-fashioned diplomatists working with old-fashioned financiers, under the thumbs of old-fashioned capitalists fighting for new markets with the invincible Red Army created by Trotsky! What will you have to do next? You will have to quadruple your fleet. You will have to decuple your air force probably. You will not be able to sleep for dread of the White Bear.

    Fortunately, Providence, having a kindly eye on America, has made Russia a Communist State; and as long as it remains so you have nothing to fear from it. Your only anxiety ought to be as to what is going to happen in China; and I sincerely hope for your sake that China will settle its scattered affairs by developing its present nucleus of Communism over its entire territory, so that China and Russia will be Communist powers. Then every American can sit under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make him afraid
  2. lumpen
    lumpen 3 дек 2018
    Я уже почти понял всю эту хуйню, откуда новобранцев забирают?
  3. lumpen
    lumpen 3 дек 2018
    А самое интересное что это Шарлотта его сделала таким. Ну и конечно безупречное хладнокровие. Шоу продолжается.
  4. TimurBekmambetov
    TimurBekmambetov 4 дек 2018
    Вроде Дмитрий Евгеньевич все очень чинно и медленно подаёт, без всплесков эмоций. Но когда он под конец начал про то как над нами смеялась "англичанка" и как азиаты поработили страну, прям скулы зжались от ярости. Трогает до глубины.

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